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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blacks support Obama after gay marriage talk? Don't religious white S.C. voters back Gingrich and Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh consistently puts his foot in his mouth to the delight of his followers. But at some point you'd think he and they would stop and think. Limbaugh is accusing the president of unleashing a war on traditional marriage? Is he serious? Limbaugh? Has he forgotten who he is and his own history? It reminded me of the the Rev. Franklin Graham's pronouncement that Donald Trump was upholding the types of values Graham preaches better than President Obama, which is why he would have supported Trump over Obama.

Also, let us not forget about the religious voters in South Carolina who constantly preach about traditional values. They just recently voted for a man named Newt Gingrich during the primary season. I guess they were impressed by the way he has spent a lifetime upholding, um, family values, even as he was participating in multiple affairs and trying to divorce a sick wife.

Can we say cognitive dissonance?

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