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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Liberals and hard-core conservatives rejoice over Romney-Ryan ticket

Rep. Paul Ryan-Wisconsin, was the top choice of many hard-core Republicans. They believe in his vision, his smarts and his ability to articulate that vision. So why are many Democrats also rejoicing this morning? Because it puts an end to the thinking that some independents, and some Democrats, who are less-than-satisfied with President Barack Obama would choice Gov. Mitt Romney in the hopes that as president he would govern closer to the way he did in Massachusetts rather than the way he has been talking over this past year as he courted hard-core conservatives.

There is no doubt what kind of signal Romney is sending.

His vision of what this country needs is much closer to that of Dick Cheney than Colin Powell. That's cool. That's great. That makes for a great debate. The final three months will be exciting, especially with the debate over health care and Ryan's plan to voucherize Medicare. What's ironic is that Ryan used the same cuts from the future of Medicare that Obama used in the Affordable Care Act - even though Republicans in 2010 demonized those cuts.

This also means that Romney does not believe foreign policy will matter much in this election. The economy is at the top of the list, but given Obama's impressive foreign policy track record, that's a gamble. Romney's overseas trip did not burnish his foreign policy image, and Ryan doesn't add anything on that issue either. If the jobs market continues to strengthen over the next couple of months, I believe that will loom even larger.

Either way, I think there's something for conservatives and liberals to rejoice about this morning, that is, if you aren't a conservative who thinks the party has already been pulled too far to the right.


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