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Friday, September 28, 2012

Hard to envision there's much demand for Asian Wonder Land in Myrtle Beach

I admit: I am not a Renaissance man, not even close. So maybe I'm looking through uncultured eyes as I find it hard to envision how an Asian Wonder Land would work in Myrtle Beach.

I know enough about the culture to know that it is deep, rich and broad and more diverse than American culture by a mile. But a museum built upon Asian culture attracting a lot of tourists and locals in the Myrtle Beach area? I just can't see it. Can anyone else?

What might interest me is something to do with the icon Bruce Lee, or maybe checking out Pearl Harbor from the other perspective, or maybe how the atomic bombs affected that part of the world. Those are things that quickly jump out at me. Maybe the Ming dynasty?

More than half of the world's population lives on the continent of Asia, and countries there have been around seemingly forever. The history is rich and deep.

But how do you successfully market it in Myrtle Beach when a Hunley exhibit housed at ultra popular Broadway at the Beach couldn't even make it?


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