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Friday, September 28, 2012

Who will have better football season? Joe Moglia or David Bennett?

Joe Moglia, who took over the Coastal Carolina University football program this year from former coach David Bennett, has had a fairly successful start. Now the real tests begin.

But I'm wondering who will have the most successful season after all the games are played, Moglia or Bennett?

No, Bennett is not the head coach at Socastee High School; he's the athletic director. But Socastee football is having one of its best seasons in recent memory and is actually making people wonder if Socastee, and not the Myrtle Beach Seahawks, is the best team. That alone is an astonishing turn around, which coincides with Bennett's first year at the helm of Socastee's athletic programs. Bennett may or may not have had anything to do with the on-the-field football success - most of it obviously goes to the coaches and players - but it is still be good to associated with a winner, something Bennett was for the majority of his college career.

If Socastee maintains a perfect season, beats Myrtle Beach and goes deep into the playoffs and Moglia gets CCU back into the playoffs and another conference championship, and maybe even notch the program's first playoff victory, which would have been a more successful campaign?

The nod would probably have to go to Moglia because he's the head coach and Bennett is an AD. Still, it would be interesting to see things unfold that way, given all of the angst created when Bennett was fired and Moglia hired last year.


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