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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

S.C. government teacher: 'Road to Hell is paved with Democrats'

So much for that liberal bias in our public schools, huh?

Teacher under fire for a "Road to Hell is paved with Democrats" sign in her classroom

I guess I'm supposed to be outraged, but I'm not. I think teachers should have wide latitude in the classroom, which means that sometimes they will probably cross the line. I would probably reprimand or suspend her for a couple of days, if that, but certainly not much more. I'd need to find out more, though, in terms of how she structures her classroom.

Is there a lot of give-and-take with students? Is everyone allowed, and encouraged, to express their opinions? Is critical thinking encouraged in all circumstances? If this was a challenge to students to respond in critical and creative ways instead of simply turning on the outrage spigot, then I'm all for it. If it was a political tactic gone awry, I'm not.


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