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Friday, November 23, 2012

Abortion rate drops to all-time low while pro-choice Obama occupies White House

There are, of course, multiple reasons that the teen pregnancy and abortion rates have hit all-time lows recently. But what this proves again - as the data has proven since Roe v. Wade - is that a pro-life administration does not automatically lead to a lower abortion rate and a pro-choice one doesn't automatically lead to a higher one.

For those who really care about reducing the number of abortions that occur in this country every year, that should matter. The rate has mostly been coming down since the Carter era. And that trend has shown up in most of the administrations since then. It was higher during the Reagan administration than the George H. W. Bush administration. It dropped more during the Clinton era, then the George W. Bush one. That trend has continued into the early part of the Obama administration. Some of those presidents were pro-choice, some of them were pro-life.

And don't forget this: An estimated 800,000 abortions and more than 200,000 miscarriages are prevented every year because of government funding.


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