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Friday, November 30, 2012

CCU's Joe Moglia is the best case for diversity along the Grand Strand

Joe Moglia, the first-year head coach of the Coastal Carolina University football team, is the kind of diversity we should celebrate. I will explain more deeply why in a column that will post on Saturday, the day the team takes the field for the firs time in the second round of the playoffs. It will publish in the newspaper on Sunday.

I can say now, though, his on-the-field success is what makes my point even possible. Had he fallen flat on his face with such an unconventional background, there would be more pressure the next time to stick with the tried-and-true formula that ends up overlooking all sorts of talented people because they don't fit the traditional mold.

And it doesn't matter what the team does against Old Dominion tomorrow, though another victory would take this story to another level. Old Dominion is, frankly, scary good. Coastal is an underdog in this game in a way the team wasn't in the first round against a solid Bethune-Cookman.

Moglia has already made an early mark. Yes, sports fans have short memories and if he doesn't continue to win next year, and the one after that, the boo birds will begin flying again. Still, what has happened this year can't be erased, no matter what comes next.


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