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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cornel West: MSNBC's black hosts 'sold their souls' for Obama access

Bill O'Reilly on the right attacks people by assigning false intentions to them.

Princeton University Professor Cornel West does the same thing from the left. He, too, is wrong. When he says things like this (below), it makes him sound juvenile, and serious people should ignore him when he speaks in such terms. I have respect for him but am disappointed every time he takes this route.

Why can't we just disagree with people instead of going to these lengths?

Cornel West: MSNBC's black hosts "sold their souls" for Obama access, Obama is "Rockefeller Republican in blackface"

Here are a few things West needs to think about:

The Affordable Care Act (yes, that law) will help an additional 30 million Americans to secure health insurance coverage. That is one of the most important changes for the poor and people on the economic edge in a long, long time. Yes, the law needs to be improved, but it is a huge - huge - improvement for the status quo, and for poor people.

The crack- powder-cocaine disparity that was 100-1 has been dropped to 18-1. Yes, it needs to be further improved to 1-1, but the change has already helped thousands of poor people who were stuck in prison and subject to laws that tear down communities, mostly poor communities.

The much-despised stimulus act helped to keep 7 million people out of poverty and helped another 30 million other poor people.

The new National Consumer Protection Agency was designed to help poor people and the middle class to no longer fall prey to predatory lenders, among other things.

The educational reforms that have already begun under "Race to the Top" have also been positive.

There are a ton of things that need to change for those in poverty or need poverty. Yes, it frustrates me to no end that too many people on Main Street are arrested for small things, including harming just themselves, while no one on Wall Street seems to be put in prison even though what they've done has affected just about everyone. There's no question about that. That must be addressed, and soon, and in a big way.

But the notion that this administration has just left poor people out of the discussion is just not true, based on policy and substance.


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