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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

James Clyburn: Criticism of Rice includes racial 'code words'

James Clyburn: Criticism of Rice includes racial 'code words'

Clyburn has in some sense acted as though he represented the folks along the Grand Strand, particularly when he was instrumental in getting the Democratic Party to hold an all-important presidential debate at the Palace Theater in Myrtle Beach, among other things. I suspect he won't be as celebrated for his comments about Susan Rice.

I understand Clyburn's point - "unqualified" has frequently been thrown around to discount black people - but I hear it differently. I see a hyper-charged political atmosphere that has for some reason set its sights on Susan Rice. That's all. Remember this: McCain, Graham et al still heartily supported and voted for Condoleezza Rice to become Secretary of State even after her testimony and TV appearances that talked about a potential smoking gun out of Iraq being a mushroom cloud and other things that turned out to be false about weapons of mass destruction.

Rice then as Rice now is black and a woman. The difference? One was a top member of the party shared by Graham and McCain, the current one a top member of the Obama administration.

As tragic as the Libya consulate attack was, dare I say the WMD debacle cost this country a lot more, in blood, treasure and prestige. That's why I say what McCain, in particular, is pushing against Susan Rice is about political gamesmanship, not about racial code words. 

And one other thing: This is the same McCain who chose Sarah Palin to possibly be a heartbeat away from the presidency - Palin had barely been governor of a sparsely-populated state - calling Susan Rice, who has had more than two decades of experience, unqualified. Funny.


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