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Friday, November 30, 2012

My wife is getting old, really, really old. What can I do about that?

My wife - Tracy LaShawn Swinton Bailey of the North Santee Community of Georgetown County - is turning the big 4-0 on Tuesday. She's getting really, really old. I think I spotted a couple of gray hairs on her head just last night. I suspect it might be 75 percent gray by Tuesday.

Considering that when we got married on Aug. 1, 1998, I thought I was marrying a woman who would be 25 years old forever, what options do I now have? How can it be fair that a man has to watch is wife grow so old so quickly?

Is there a God? If so, how does he let this sort of thing keep happening?

I need some advice, and quick. Any other husbands out there who have gone through this sort of turmoil and survived with your sanity intact? If so, please let me know how.


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