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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Reader: 'Mushhead servile followers of the Bama' are supporting socialist president

I've spent time trying to separate the myths from reality about supporters of President Barack Obama. The reader (below) obviously doesn't believe me. In a column that will post later today and publish in tomorrow's newspaper, I explain why it would be unwise for Republicans to listen to sentiments such as that reader's, and also where and how President Obama needs to step up.

From a reader:

"Nice try.... yes the election is over, however we Conservative  Americans will not easily give our country over to a Socialist president and his regime.  You stated that “ every election cycle is the most important, separating freedom from tyranny”. Issac America has NEVER been held hostage by  Socialist president until  Obama’s reign.  We are not going quietly into the night. We are NOT Republicans..... we are Conservatives......too much is at stake.  By the way.... we are 57 million strong....your base consists of mushhead servile followers of the Bama.... Good luck....see you at the 2014 mid-terms.  Bill Basden


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