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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Republicans cry foul in Horry County precinct

The voting precinct at St. James High School was one of the best run. I waited in line for 2 hours in 2008 but only 8 minutes today, even though more people voted this year. Volunteers said the laptops they were given by the S.C. Election Commission really sped things up. They said it was an experiment, and that not every district received them. Here's my verdict: The experiment worked.

Another interesting tidbit from that precinct: The high school is home to the St. James Sharks. Behind where the volunteers set up and where voters got into line is a massive mural that has been at the school pretty much since it opened, I'm sure, or at least long before Tuesday. At least 15 people complained about it, because they said it favored President Barack Obama.

What did it say? "Sharks only move in one direction ... FORWARD"

Get it? Forward was the Obama campaign's slogan. When I voted, I didn't even notice the thing. And when I did, I thought the complaints were much ado about nothing. You?


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