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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SC jobless rate plunges to 4-year low, national housing starts soar to 4-year high

SC unemployment rate drops to 4-year low as Grand Strand jobless rate does natural fall-winter climb

Housing starts at highest level in 4 years

Now, if the folks in Washington - President Barack Obama, the Democratically-held Senate and the GOP-controlled House - get their act together, the economy can continue to heal. The consensus of economists for awhile now has been for immediate, but short-term economic stimulus combined with long-term spending, tax and entitlement reform. That would require political courage from all sides because the Democratic and Republican bases will balk - or scream loudly - at some of what's necessary to speed up the recovery while getting our fiscal house in order.

But it's what needs to happen. Here's to hoping it does.


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