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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Haley, top SC insurer make wise move on coverage for early elective births

SC, top insurer halt coverage for early elective births

I remain skeptical of Gov. Nikki Haley's refusal to set up a state exchange under the new Affordable Care Act, which is now the law of the land after it passed muster with the U.S. Supreme Court this summer and this month with voters. I think it is unwise to refuse what can be a good process, particularly because setting it up ourselves means we get to tailor it to fit our state.

Having said that, I will wait to pass final judgment on the move until I see the plan the state is putting together that top officials in Haley's administration said will make better sense.

But this change on elective births is a good, solid step in the right direction.

One of the reasons health insurance premiums have been skyrocketing the past few decades - though that increase has slowed considerably in recent years in part because of the economy and in part because of health reform - is that we pay for too many things that are not critical. If a woman and her doctor and husband want to be able to schedule a premature birth for convenience, that is their right. But that doesn't mean taxpayers and insurers should be on the hook for those costs.


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