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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Serious question: Why are smart, powerful men so stupid about sex?

I guess I ask this question just about every time one of these stories make major headlines - Top U.S. commander in Afghanistan is linked to Petraeus scandal - but what is it that makes smart, accomplished, powerful men so stupid when it comes to sex?

Of course not all smart, accomplished, powerful men fall into these sorts of situations. But I think the record is clear, that smart, accomplished powerful women don't end up in them nearly as often. (In fairness, the woman at the center of this scandal seems to be smart, accomplished and powerful in her own right, and married with kids.)

What gives? I'm really looking for a good, plausible answer. If you have one, please provide it.

This writer takes a stab at it:

The siren and the spoke

From that piece:

Sure, the spotlight these men have attracted and the altitude they’ve reached should, theoretically, give them greater pause. But they’ve either become accustomed to or outright sought a kind of adulation in the public arena that probably isn’t mirrored in their marriages. A spouse is unlikely to provide it. A spouse knows you too well for that, and gives you something deeper, truer and so much less electric.


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