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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kwame Geathers of Carvers Bay expected to head home to Georgetown after UGA game

Final update: Though the University of Georgia just gave up a big gain on the ground to Georgia Southern early in the 4th quarter, its defense shut down that Georgia Southern option attack in the second half. Carvers Bay's Kwame Geathers may have played his final down of the day as the stadium begins to empty in the 38-7 game.

He plans to head back home after the game to be in Georgetown to attend his grandfather's funeral on Monday. The family is one of the most prolific in NFL history, with 4 members already having been drafted, including two who are currently playing.

Kwame Geathers is expected to join them when he leaves college either after this season or the next.

Update: Another TD pass by Aaron Murray late in 3rd quarter all but puts Georgia Southern away, with Georgia up 31 to 7. Halftime defensive adjustments seemed to have worked well against Georgia Southern's option. Georgia better not wait that long next week, though, against Georgia Tech's option, or they'll give up 35 in the first half.

Update: Seems the University of Georgia finally figured out how to stop Georgia Southern's triple-option attack. They are shutting them down early in second half as the Georgia offense also takes off and opens up a 24 to 7 lead with about 6 and a half minutes to go in the third quarter. Carvers Bay's Kwame Geathers gets in on the first two defensive stops of the second half.

I'm sitting at the University of Georgia versus Georgia Southern game in Athens and watching the Bulldogs defense struggle to contain the Georgia Southern option game; its offense is in a real dog-fight against Georgia Southern's defense. Georgia, SEC East champs and legitimate national title contenders, are only up 10 to 7 late in the second quarter, with Georgia Southern about to either go ahead before halftime or tie the game. What's going on?

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Late second quarter, Georgia Southern gets first down inside Georgia's 5-yard-line, but it is called back for illegal chop block. Georgia Southern misses 39-yard field before halftime. Then a big turnaround, Georgia goes on long touchdown drive in 59 seconds to go up 17 to 7 before halftime.

On the same day, little Wofford is giving the University of South Carolina all it can handle, with a tie score at 7 to 7 in the third quarter. What's going on with the SEC big boys so far today? Well, Alabam took care of business and is up 49 to nothing over Western Carolina.

Now USC goes up 17 to 7 against Wofford late in that game. It turns out this is not a Cupcakes day, but the supposed Cupcakes may not have been quite up to the task of taking down the SEC giants.


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