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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What's the worst that could happen if South Carolina seceded from the union?

At least one writer believes a South Carolina secession would lead to a zombie apocalypse.

I'm not so sure that's true, though I suspect it would not turn out any better than it did when we left in December of 1860. That led to a lot of blood, sweat and tears - and lots and lots of bloodshed, for those who have not read up on their history lately. Remember, we are still in the midst of our four-year remembrance of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, a remembrance which began with some of the wealthy and powerful in the state reliving the good ole days of secession-making.

Good times. Yes, good times.

The writer at the link does have a point that should not be overlooked:

South Carolina is one of the states that receives more in federal funding, of various kinds, than it sends to Washington through taxation. Our state is dependent upon the federal government in ways more liberal states aren't. That's a fact that's rarely acknowledged and often challenged, but it is true nonetheless. (Yes, Social Security, Medicare and other such payments should count in the equation.)

Here's one little nugget all those secessionist petitioners seem to forget: The question about whether a state could secede was answered awhile ago, and the answer was a resounding no. We can debate and haggle if that interpretation is correct, but in real life, it has been settled.

Now can we act like grown-ups? Sometimes your side wins the election, sometimes it loses.

Time to move forward - together.


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