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Thursday, December 13, 2012

A college freshman drew attention for challenging Justice Antonin Scalia over his views on homosexuality

Here are the cases behind Justice Antonin Scalia's spat with a Princeton student

From the piece:

In his dissenting opinion in Romer, Scalia wrote:

The Court's opinion contains grim, disapproving hints that Coloradans have been guilty of "animus" or "animosity" toward homosexuality, as though that has been established as Unamerican. Of course it is our moral heritage that one should not hate any human being or class of human beings. But I had thought that one could consider certain conduct reprehensible—murder, for example, or polygamy, or cruelty to animals—and could exhibit even "animus" toward such conduct. Surely that is the only sort of "animus" at issue here: moral disapproval of homosexual conduct, the same sort of moral disapproval that produced the centuries old criminal laws that we held constitutional in Bowers [v. Hardwick, in which the court upheld sodomy laws as constitutional].


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