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Monday, December 10, 2012

A great white shark in Myrtle Beach water is cute today. What happens during tourism season?

Anybody else wonder how different the tracking of a 16-foot, great white shark would feel if this was July instead of the middle of December?

Lots of people seem interested in Mary Lee today because it's cool to be able to track such a mammoth ocean animal this way, from the comfort of our computers. And it makes sense to learn more about them, particularly that the bad image bestowed upon them by the iconic "Jaws" film is mostly fiction. Still, it's one thing to understand that such creatures are in the Atlantic Ocean we rely upon as the life-blood of Myrtle Beach-area tourism; it is quite another to know just where one of those massive creatures is, on the shore, deeper in the water, wherever.

Small supposed shark bites here by animals that are little more than glorified fish- and just barely break the skin of someone's ankle - make headlines, remember? 


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