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Friday, December 21, 2012

House Tea Party Caucus: We want no tax increases on anyone, so we'll make sure they go up on everyone

Last night, Tea Party wing of the GOP made a strong statement, turning down a GOP bill because they don't want to raise taxes on anyone. What is the result?

We are now one giant step closer to raising taxes on everyone. Anyone else get the logic?

They voted against a plan that was heavily weighted towards the Republican Party in an effort to give Speaker John Boehner more leverage with President Barack Obama during the fiscal cliff discussions. That means that compromise between Obama and Boehner will pass muster with them.

That also means Boehner has a choice to make, either take us all over the cliff, or cut the deal with Obama knowing that it will take a combination of Democrats and Republicans in the House to get anything done - meaning that even the modest cut in Social Security benefits the White House put on the table are probably now off because it would be the only way to attract House Democrats.

It is worth repeating that the GOP walked away from a much better deal than it can muster this time around during the summer of 2011, primarily because they wanted to paint Obama as a partisan in order to beat him in November. It was a calculated risk, and now it is backfiring, big time.


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