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Monday, December 31, 2012

How much are we - everyday Americans - to blame for the fiscal cliff mess?

Congress Dysfunction as Deadline Arrives Poses 2013 Risks

I know we love blaming the politicians for the mess in Washington, but are our hands really clean?

We sent this mix of leaders to Capitol Hill. We created this divided government.

We sent people to the Hill from gerrymandered districts that make it all but impossible for anyone from the other side to defeat them - meaning their only real threat to power comes from either their hard right or left, giving the extremes more influence and turning compromise into a dirty word. And yes, politicians drew up the district lines -with our approval and consent.

We (mostly) ignore the extreme demands from our own guys while downplaying the concessions made by the other guys.

That doesn't even include our unreasonable demands, that what we love not be touched in any significant way while the things others like can be sliced and diced. Don't touch our entitlements - and that comes from a majority of Democrats and Republicans and independents - and don't raise our taxes and send money to our districts.

Are we not to blame, too?


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