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Monday, December 10, 2012

Jamie Foxx jokes about killing all the white people in his new film about slavery, outrage ensues

Before you ask (though some already have) if I'm outraged by Jamie Foxx's "Saturday Night Live" opening "How black is that?" monologue, no, I'm not.

I'm not outraged by that. I'm not outraged by the over-the-top racial jokes uttered by Daniel Tosh. I wasn't outraged by the comments by Rush Limbaugh that forced him to resign from ESPN. (In fact, I defended him.) I wasn't outraged by the "nappy-headed hos" comment by Don Imus that got him fired. (, I defended him.) I wasn't outraged by Bill O'Reilly's comments about being surprised that black people could sit down in a restaurant without acting like savages. (I defended him, too.) I'm just not among the number who is constantly outraged by such jokes and social commentary.

Foxx took to the SNL stage before a largely white audience and spoke about a film in which he stars - a film done by an uber-famous white director - on a network that shows mostly white people in prime time (and just about every other time) and joked about a film about a former slave being able to enact revenge against slave owners. And I'm supposed to be upset about that?

Here's the monologue in question, brought to you by a group who believes you should be upset:

Jamie Foxx jokes about killing all the white people in his new movie


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