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Friday, December 14, 2012

Jamie Foxx jokingly refers to President Obama as 'lord and savior'; Bill O'Reilly seriously compares MLK to Jesus

In Bill O'Reilly's contrived annual "War on Christmas," which is often helped along by other Fox News Channel personalities, he said Christianity was not a religion. It was his way of trying to skirt that whole separation of church state thing and the obvious favor our country places upon Christianity - as a faith. There are serious people who believe it should be that way, given our founding and because that religion is the predominant force here. You can disagree with their assertion but still respect their forthrightness and intent.

But that's not what O'Reilly does.

He continues to come up with bizarre, ham-fisted analogies that don't pass the logic test, not even a little. He's disingenuous. Yes, people can question the favor placed upon Christianity in this country and not be against the religion itself or want it banished. Yes, they can actually simply want more voices at the table, given that our populace is becoming more diverse by the day.

O'Reilly pretends that anyone who doesn't see it precisely his way is a scourge that needs to be removed, silenced or ridiculed. But his arguments are the ones becoming odder by the day:

Bill O'Reilly Compares Jesus to MLK Jr.

Correct me if I'm wrong: The people who pushed for a holiday for Martin Luther King Jr. have always believed him to be a man who accomplished and stood for great things, but never God, while the majority of people who revere Jesus believe him to be not just a man, but a manifestation of or God himself. That's why honoring King with a federal holiday does not come close to violating the spirit of the separation of church and state and why it is reasonable to ask if honoring Jesus in the same way does.

What's most revealing about this episode is that many of the people who wanted to make a big deal of a joke by comedian Jamie Foxx when he referred to President Barack Obama before a mostly-black audience as "our lord and savior" cheer O'Reilly on as he demotes Christianity from a religious status and compares Jesus to a mere mortal man. 


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