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Friday, December 07, 2012

New study says nearly 44,000 jobs could be generated by Medicaid expansion in S.C.

I've written before that Gov. Nikki Haley should be judged harshly if the health care system in this state does not improve, including better access for the poor and uninsured, because she is turning down a tremendous amount of help from the federal government. While the Affordable Care Act will still touch South Carolina in a variety of ways and the insurance exchange designed to bring down costs will be implemented any way, with federal oversight, it will not be fully implemented here because Haley has decided against Medicaid expansion and just about everything else she can deny, concerning that law.

She has every right to do that as governor. But her plan to fix the system better work. Hopefully if it doesn't, the Affordable Care Act's reach into the state will make things better any way.

But here's more proof about what Haley is turning down:

New study says Medicaid expansion could create 44,000 jobs in South Carolina


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