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Monday, December 10, 2012

Reader response of the decade

I get a good bit of reader feedback, through email, voice mail, snail mail, in person when I'm out and about, through Twitter and Facebook and just about every way imaginable. I've even had people interrupt me during dinners at restaurants, pull up a chair, sit down and talk away.

I've been lavished with praised and put upon by a bevy of insults and everything in between.

But the response I got this morning stands out among them all. It was concise and clear, 2 of the hallmarks of good communication via the written word.

The email was simple and elegantly titled: "Idiot."

It read: You're an asshole and a typical "LIB."

Must be the Christmas season.

Or maybe it's something else. This one is about Twitter, but it applies to everything online.


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