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Monday, December 03, 2012

Tea partiers discuss ways to keep movement alive

Tea partiers discuss ways to keep movement alive

From the piece:

The activists who met over the weekend at the Capitol Hill offices of FreedomWorks – a DC-based tea party-affiliated organization — made it clear on Monday that a top priority for staying alive as a movement is finding a way to attract minorities and young people.

“We talked a lot about how to connect with people that we haven’t connected with yet, whether it be black Americans or young people or Hispanics” Matt Kibbe, the president of FreedomWorks, said Monday.

Deneen Borelli, a black conservative who serves as Director of Outreach for FreedomWorks, argued Monday that this can be accomplished by emphasizing the message that lower taxes and less government “means more freedom.”

“Those are the talking points we need to deliver to the minority community, especially to the black community where unemployment is through the roof and average incomes are down,” she said.

Um, dare I say that message won't resonate, because it sounds so vague and the image of Tea Partiers going hard after President Barack Obama and Democrats in an unbalanced way has not left the mental recesses of people who have been following the movement the past few years.
Just shouting "we offer you more freedom" won't cut it. What does that mean, any way, in the freest nation on the planet?


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