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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The shooter's weapon used to be banned -- can we talk about that or is the gun lobby too powerful?

Being sick and tired of mass shootings - and other types of gun violence - and being in favor of better, more effective gun laws does not automatically mean you hate the Second Amendment or want to ban guns. It means you are sick and tired of the U.S. leading the world in the rate of gun deaths and you want that to change.

Can we even talk about guns after the Oregon shooting?

From the piece:

Another shooting, another chance to not talk about guns and the laws regulating their use. Last night’s shooting at an Oregon shopping mall was as horrific as any of the myriad recent mass shootings, with children and even the mall’s Santa fleeing for their lives from assault weapon fire that drowned out Christmas carols playing over the mall’s PA.

But unlike the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, it probably won’t reignite the debate over control because one side has so thoroughly shut down the discussion that the other side seems to have given up. Before the sun had even risen in Aurora the day after the shooting there earlier this year, the debate was on, with New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, a staunch advocate of gun control, demanding action. Others quickly followed. Senators and congressmen introducing new legislation, cable news brought in talking heads from both sides, and for a brief moment, gun control was dominating the political debate in a way it hadn’t since the 1990s.

And what came of it? Nothing.


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