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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Abortion stories: `I had a moment of reflection when she told me that this would be her fifth abortion'

Would anyone like to share theirs?

Daily Beast Readers Share Their Stories About Abortion

From the piece:

For starters, she had not asked me my opinion. Even if she did, I wouldn’t have suggested she keep it. We were not going to last; we both knew that. We were only having a good time, although we did are about each other. We even told each other, ““I love you,"” although in retrospect I did not mean int. Moreover, I had been raised in an ultra-liberal household, where being pro-choice was the default position. I was taught to be a liberal, and I grew into an adult holding the opinion that if you got pregnant but were not ready for the child, abortion was a reasonable option.

In retrospect, I had a moment of reflection when she told me that this would be her fifth abortion. Yes, she was that woman that conservatives talk about who uses abortion as a form of birth control. Although this troubled me, it did not make me more desirous of bringing a baby into that relationship. I drove her to the clinic. In the lobby, a TV was turned to “Forrest Gump.” As I waited there, the scene played in which Jenny’s Black Panther boyfriend calls Forrest a “baby-killer.” No joke.


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