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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Can we fire Washington over the fiscal-cliff fiasco?

Can we fire Washington over the fiscal-cliff fiasco?

From the piece:

The “fiscal cliff” bill shoved through Congress over the New Year’s holiday eliminates Bush-era tax breaks for the wealthy, extends unemployment benefits, and delays automatic cuts to the Pentagon and other agencies that were negotiated during the previous fiscal fiasco.

It is, at best, a Band-Aid prescription for fiscal cancer. Zachary Goldfarb writes in the Washington Post: “… The deal is too modest to fundamentally tame the government’s soaring debt. The nation’s long-term finances remain in peril with federal spending projected to rise dramatically as a wave of retiring baby boomers turns to the government for help in paying for ever-more-costly health care.”

A reader of my tweet from Detroit asks, “Does everyone share equal blame? Or just a minority of GOP lunatics”. My answer: “Blame not equal but it is en masse.”


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