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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Evangelical churches refine message on gay issues

Evangelical churches refine message on gay issues

I'm trying to nail down a place, date and time for a town hall event on the complex and emotionally-charged issue of homosexuality and Christianity. I'm meeting with a few people tomorrow and should be able to provide details after that.

In the meantime, some of the themes that will be discussed include those in this column. I've heard from a number of readers in response, including those who wanted me to emphasize that the tensions in certain traditions are more than just gay marriage, which I touched on in a blog post.

Below are a couple of the emailed responses from people, I think, prove the point I made in the column.

RE: this morning's column, let me suggest reframing issue from liberal//conservative view to the proper issue of obedience versus non-obedience to the Manual, the bible.  As Creator God has clearly addressed His view on homosexuality and same-sex marriage.  God is primarily interested in people and neither of these issues can biologically produce more potential members of the Kingdom.  Intolerance of views is the improper stance.  Rather, focus on acceptance versus non-acceptance of God's stated position.  Your view and my view does not matter.!  It is God's view and how we apply it that is the core issue.  Now exposed properly in this fashion, we see around us "Christians" dividing over acceptance of God's view versus cultural relativism, increasing adaptation of what man wants instead of documenting what God has clearly said.  Once a person has a true relationship with God, it becomes a simple matter of knowing what He desires and states. Robert, MD


Isaac, do you know the definition of a Christian? The Bible clearly defines the essentials of the Christian faith.

    What is your definition of a liberal Christian? No where in the  Bible does God allow for a person to be worthy of salvation while simultaneously holding to a liberal interpretation of His Holy Word (Bible).
    Now if you are referring to those who say the Bible cannot be taken literally, then I can clearly demonstrate that there is much evidence in the Scriptures to prove that God (Jesus) intended that all Scripture is intended to be literal.
    One other point. We will need to operationally define the word literal.The bible uses metaphor and similes and these are not to be taken literally, e,g, the leaves spoke. Also, Jesus parables are all to be taken literally only  when He uses names, but not so otherwise.  
    The reason for my email is that I will make a presentation to the group to prove that the Bible is the inerrant, infallible and indestructible Word of God.
     So I thought I would engage you in a preliminary discussion to make sure I have considered all of the objections that will be presented.
     Thanks, Jack


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