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Friday, January 25, 2013

Fiscal health hurdle: Poll finds majority of Americans remain opposed to Medicare cuts

Almost 60 percent want Washington to keep its hands off Medicare, while researchers say the figure will likely go higher once concrete plans for reform take shape.

I found the same thing when attending a meeting early last year on this topic. The audience included mostly Republicans and some independents and Democrats. And they overwhelmingly wanted Medicare and Social Security left alone.

Of course, rising health care costs remain our top long-term fiscal threat and Social Security benefits will naturally go down if we don't do something about it. Something has to give.

What will?

President Barack Obama is in a good position to do something about this, as long as he receives cooperation from the GOP. And he should, even if it means absorbing the vitriol that will come from the hard left and other constituencies. It needs to get done.


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