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Thursday, January 03, 2013

In 2012, more soldiers killed themselves than were killed by the enemy

I guess it would be easier to think about military intervention in Syria when you don't consider realities such as this:

The enemy within: Soldier suicides outpaced combat deaths in 2012

From the piece:

Through November, 177 active-duty soldiers had committed suicide compared to 165 during all of 2011 and 156 in 2010. In all of 2012, 176 soldiers were killed in action -- all while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom, according to DOD.

Army suicides have increased by at least 54 percent since 2007 when there were 115 — a number the Washington Post then called "an all-time record." An Army spokesman said Wednesday it is uncertain if 177 marks a new annual high (with December numbers still to come), or if suicides have ever outpaced combat deaths in a single year, because the Army has not always tracked suicides.


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