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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is violating the freedom of many worth it if it saves“even one life”?

The author is right. The "if it saves even one life" cliche is silly and needs to be put to rest.

Good sense and gun control

From the piece:

For instance, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that James Holmes, the man charged in the shooting rampage at the Aurora, Colo., premiere of The Dark Night Rises, was at least somewhat inspired by the Batman movies. The evil freak dyed his hair orange and called himself “the Joker.”

But hundreds of millions of people saw one of the Batman movies. Let’s imagine those movies are 100 percent to blame for the Aurora shooting. Even under that ridiculous assumption, that would mean that something like 99.9999999 percent of consumers of those products were unharmed or unaffected. Similarly, the number of law-abiding gun owners dwarfs the number of mass murderers. And guns actually stop crimes, too.


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