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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

NRA's hyperbolic ad about president's daughters makes things worse

The National Rifle Association has to play a role in this ongoing discussion - as does the rest of us -but when they do things as ugly and over the top as an ad such as this, they only marginalize themselves.

No, the president's kids are not any better or more important than mine. But there are good reasons why they have 24/7 protection - just like the children of presidents before Obama.

Do we really have to list those reasons?

The ad is not only classless, it is idiotic.

Oh, this is from an AP story about the gun violence proposals:

"But that attack appeared a bit premature. As part of its policy recommendations, the White House called on Congress to act on an old administration proposal to spend $4 billion to keep 15,000 cops on the streets. In addition, the president is proposing a new initiative that would incentivize police departments to hire more school resource officers and encourage schools to hire more mental health professionals. The president's plan also calls on Congress to allocate resources to help schools, other educational institutions and houses of worship develop emergency management plans."


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