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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Religion survey: More than 60 percent of Americans say they are pro-life - and pro-choice

The results of this survey makes a lot of sense. Dividing this debate into simplistic "pro-life" and "pro-choice" terms always seemed wrong to me.

The woman matters, as does the developing fetus. Dealing properly with that duality is not easy.

Forty years of abortion attitudes

From the piece:

A survey conducted in 2011 by the Public Religion Research Institute helps to explain the constancy of opinion over these four decades. In one question, seven-in-ten Americans said the term “pro-choice” described them, while nearly two-thirds in another question in the poll said that the term “pro-life” described them. Americans are at one and the same time pro-life and pro-choice. They respect the sanctity of life, and they value individual choice. Within their own hearts, there are competing emotions.  Most don’t feel comfortable in either the pro-life or pro-choice camps.


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