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Friday, January 18, 2013

Rice helps set bad precedent for Grand Strand

Rep. Tom Rice decided to join the bulk of House Republicans in voting against the final Superstorm Sandy aid relief package, and he voted for an amendment to include an offset of spending cuts.

Fiscal responsibility is admirable and needed in Washington, and the aid package may have included funding that will be spent on things we might not want to pay for. But there are several ways to make your case against potential excess spending - the budget process, the sequester - and Rice chose to join others in making the case on a bill designed to help a few states recover from a massive natural disaster.

That's not wise, particularly given that the district he represents is in the bull's eye every year for several months during hurricane season. A bipartisan, high-profile, highly-influential contingent of New York and New Jersey politicians shamed the House leadership into allowing the vote.

I'm not sure that the S.C. delegation has the same type of wattage to force something similar if, God forbid, we need it in the event of a direct hit from a hurricane.

His vote might come back to haunt us.


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