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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sumter kindergartener expelled for bringing broken toy gun held together by duct tape to school

Zero-tolerance laws make no sense. They require no thinking and ignores the thinking of those who are actually trying.

In situations such as these, though, the girl's teacher could have stopped this before it spiralled out of control, simply by ignoring the clear toy gun when the girl told her about it, no matter what the rules and regulations say.

Having said that, though, the people who made and are sticking by the expulsion simply look ridiculous. It's stunning.

Sumter kindergartener expelled for bringing toy gun to school

From the piece:

The morning of Jan. 4 started like many others for the McKinney family. Angela McKinney was rushing, trying to get her children ready for school. As the family climbed into their car, she remembered her youngest child, Naomi, had show and tell that morning, and told her to run inside and quickly grab something. Naomi did, climbed back into the car, and she and her brothers headed off to school without any concerns.

A short time later, McKinney said she received a phone call from Sheree Boozer, principal at Alice Drive Elementary, informing her Naomi was being questioned by police officers.

It turned out the toy Naomi took for show-and-tell was not the new Barbie doll Angela thought her daughter had grabbed, but rather one of her older brother's toys.


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