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Friday, January 11, 2013

The sperm donor trap: Should your DNA follow you for life?

The sperm donor trap: Should your DNA follow you for life?

From the piece:

William Marotta thought he was being a good samaritan when he responded to a $50 ad on Craigslist seeking a sperm donor. He provided a description of himself—blond, blue-eyed, healthy—and even offered up his swimmers at no cost. Marotta met with the prospective parents, a lesbian couple, who lived nearby in Kansas, and signed a contract ensuring his beneficent deposit wouldn’t land him in any sticky situations. He then handed over the fruits of his manual labors, wiped his hands clean of any responsibility, and walked away.

Or so he thought. Nearly four years later, the parents of his daughter have split up, one has lost her job, and the state of Kansas is demanding that Marotta, now 46 years old, step in with $6,000 worth of child support. The tawdry nature of the case—two lesbians pressured by a red-state judiciary to hit up their supposed-to-be-anonymous baby daddy for money—has grabbed national headlines, with most liberal media outlets crying homophobia and sympathizing with the odd trio. After all, isn’t it clear that the state isn’t respecting the structure of this family just because there happen to be two moms?


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