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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

True or false: Switzerland issues every household a gun and has lowest firearm crime rate

Facebook posting says the gun-rich Swiss have the lowest firearm crime rate in the civilized world

From the piece:

Switzerland's gun homicide rate was anything but "the lowest."

It was fourth highest.

Only Greece, Ireland and the United States had higher rates.

(Switzerland also has the seventh highest suicide rate and the third highest rate of gun-related suicide, according to the GunPolicy.org data. In the latter case, only the United States and Finland had higher rates. Switzerland and Italy were tied for second for the rate of unintentional gun deaths; the United States was number one.)

"Guns kept at home are not necessarily dangerous in the streets, but mostly in situations that happen at home, such as suicide and murder of family members (especially females). In this respect, Switzerland has one of the highest proportions in the Western world," said Martin Killias, professor of criminology and criminal law at the University of Zurich Law School.

But homicide isn't the only type of gun crime, and the Facebook posting wasn't specific.

We wanted to know about all crimes involving a gun.


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