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Monday, January 21, 2013

What do you most want President Obama to accomplish during his second term?

In an ideal 4 years, what do you want to see President Obama get done this time around?

The New York Times has still story about black people and the new expectation many leaders have. I want a focus on criminal justice system reform. That's one of the primary reasons I supported him early on, because of what he was able to do in Illinois.

A mixture of pride and high expectations

From the piece:

On Monday, when President Obama places his hand on Dr. King’s personal Bible to take a second, ceremonial oath of office, he will be symbolically linking himself to the civil rights hero. But Mr. Brown, along with other African-Americans interviewed recently, said their excitement would be laced with a new expectation, that Mr. Obama move to the forefront of his agenda the issues that Dr. King championed: civil rights and racial and economic equality.


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