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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

What makes a person anti-Israel?

Hagel nomination to face GOP challenge

Hagel's often blunt words are fodder for critics

Someone is going to have to explain to me precisely what makes a person anti-Israel?

From what I can tell, it means anyone who does not agree with a right-wing or Christian Evangelical view of the country and the unrest between Israel and the Palestinians, and if you don't agree with attacking Iran to make sure it doesn't get nuclear weapons. It means you don't view Israel as the most important land in the eyes of God himself.

From what I can tell, being anti-Israel means not agreeing with the hard right in this country and in Israel, meaning a ton of Israelis and Americans are supposedly anti-Israel.

Am I missing something?

Another thin about the controversy surrounding this nomination: I no longer can detect which things being discussed about purely politics, and which ones are legit, particularly coming from critics such as Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain. There was a time I would have never questioned their motives. That day has passed. 


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