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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

What makes Tim Scott - nation's only black U.S. Senator - 'anti-civil rights'?

I agree with the writer.

Like many fellow Republicans, the history-making senator flunked the NAACP's scorecard. Why?

From the piece:

Curious, I wanted to know how Scott drew an “F” on the NAACP’s legislative report card. Online, I found the NAACP’s latest assessment of the 112th Congress (January to December 2011).

Scott was not alone; he flunked the NAACP’s scorecard with an “F” along with more than 55% of his colleagues in the House of Representatives. On the Senate side, the NAACP flunked 46% of the nation's elected officials.

No surprise that half the House and Senate are civil rights failures in the minds of today's NAACP, because to the organization, "civil rights ideals" may as well read "liberal dogma."


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