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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What the heck is an assault rifle, anyway?

What the heck is an assault rifle, anyway?

From the piece:

In all the time I spent in the military, I NEVER heard a rifle referred to as an “assault weapon.”  We had some “battle rifles,” a few “combat weapons,” but so far as I know, we had no assault rifles.  In fact, I had never heard the term used until the leftist politicians began using it, which sort of makes me think they invented it because it sounds really bad—mean—you know?

I have asked a number of my friends, familiar with guns as veterans and hunters, if they knew what an assault weapon was/is?  None of them did. In fact, one friend said he had been embarrassed to admit that with his supposed vast knowledge of hunting weaponry, he had no idea what an assault rifle is.

So, I have concluded the term “assault rifle/weapon” is just another term from the vast and numerous volumes of liberal Bovine Scatology phrases used by the left to terrorize the weak-minded and undereducated graduates of the US public education system—which is darn near everybody these days.

What to do?  Well, I did what everybody with a computer does—I “Googled” it. 


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