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Monday, January 14, 2013

Would pro-lifers have considered an abortion warranted in this case?

A pregnant woman dies in police custody

The story focuses on the decisions made by the hospital, then the police, as well as the role our war on drugs played. Those are important, though I agree with the police; I'm not sure what else they could have been expected to do. Hospital staffers have to answer more difficult questions.

But recently I've been hearing from more people who believe in the so-called personhood bills, which would bestow full human rights to a "fetus" at the time of conception, or even before a fertilized egg implants itself to begin the 40-week gestation period. They say all abortions are murder, that even at that extremely early age, we are dealing with a human life - and not just the components of a potential human life.

In this woman's case, she died from a pregnancy because the embryo - for whatever reason - implanted outside of the uterus and hospital staffers didn't recognize the symptoms.

Had hospital officials recognized the symptoms, would such an abortion been deemed warranted by those who consider themselves pro-life, particularly those in favor of personhood?


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