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Monday, February 25, 2013

A baby, the N word and a slap for Jonah Bennett

A baby, the N word and a slap for Jonah Bennett

From the piece:

Still, all that notwithstanding, something about the response to this act of violence feels faintly facile and self-deluding. After all, Hundley’s alleged animus toward black people, if not his expression thereof, is as American as monster trucks, woven through the fabric of our law, economics, health care, education, news media and culture. We tend to forget that not every slap is physical — nor is every injury they inflict. There is violence and there is violence — emotional, verbal, intellectual, monetary.

We are rightfully outraged that someone would call a baby by a racial slur and then strike him.

But it is a matter of statistical fact that Jonah, from the moment he was born, stood an excellent chance of being struck in other ways.


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