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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How a baseless rumor about the non-existent 'Friends of Hamas' bolted through the right-wing press

It's OK to have a point-of-view. But didn't we learn from the 2012 election cycle that it makes no sense to push things that are not in the least reality based?

Chuck Hagel, Friend of Hamas? How the Right-Wing Press Got It Way Wrong

From the piece:

And so it was with shock the next day that he saw a headline on the right-wing website Breitbart.com: an article asserting that Hagel had received funding from a group called “Friends of Hamas.”
“It was a kind of holy shit moment,” Friedman says by phone from D.C.

What Friedman quickly pieced together was that the unidentified Senate staffer he spoke with had passed along his query as if it were fact to another news outlet. The staffer denied it, saying he merely asked around about Friedman’s query, and that the “rumor” must have reached the reporter that way.
“I don’t believe him,” Friedman now says. “I think he is completely lying. He is trying to cover his tracks and he is embarrassed.”


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