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Friday, February 22, 2013

Legislator challenges S.C. Gov. Haley to a one-week food stamp eating challenge

Rep. Sellers challenges Haley, DSS director to food stamp test

Not sure how useful his plan is, but it is a creative counterpoint.

If Haley accepted it, we can actually have some data that this move to limit what is purchased with food stamps will actually help stem the obesity problem, or not.

It might be the only data we have. Of course, Gov. Haley pulled this sort of thing in reverse when the photo ID bill became law. When critics said many poor people wouldn't be able to have transportation to go get the IDs, Haley set up a "take the poor to the DMV" day. Of course, it made almost no dent in the actual problem, but she was able to say that she was willing to do whatever necessary to assure residents that it was about voting integrity and nothing more.

The legislator is now using that technique against her.

If you know of solid research that has already been done on the food stamps and healthy eating topic, please link to those in the comments section.


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