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Monday, February 04, 2013

Lindsey Graham's 2014 political squeeze

Sen. Lindsey Graham faces re-election next year for a third possible term in the U.S. Senate, but this time it will be harder for him to get through the primary process, according to a report that first surfaced on Fitsnews.com and has since been followed up by other news outlets.

A credible challenger seems to be emerging to challenge Graham from the right. I'm not sure the Tea Party types have yet to warm to Graham or ever will.

But voters like me - who chose him not because of issues, but because he seemed to bend over backwards to move things forward in Washington when they got stuck - have also soured on Graham because he went along with the McConnell plan of hard obstructionism instead of being willing to compromise during a particularly sensitive time for the country. We were fighting 2 wars and staring into an economic abyss. That's when a statesman is most vital - and it was during that political environment Graham shed that role. Why? Who knows?

And remember, in South Carolina, we have open primaries, which is why Graham was able to easily handle any potential challenges, because the Republican primary does not simply attract Republicans. Moderate Democrats and independents also vote in that primary. They are the types of voters Graham used to count on. Next year they may not be there for him.


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