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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Media has a double standard when it comes to conservatives - but GOP characters also create 'kooky' headlines

Taking the political bait

From the piece:

he fact that there are so many results for the “great skeet hunt” demonstrates how willing — nay, eager — the mainstream media is to hype the Republicans are kooks story line. Conservatives rarely get calls from the New York TimesBuzzFeed, NPR, Politico, et al. to talk about scrapping the medical-device tax. They get calls all of the time to comment on issues that are divisive or embarrassing for the GOP. It is hardly as if Democrats don’t have embarrassing characters in their midst. Indeed, as Weigel casually notes, Obama had a very severe nutjob problem in that he had ties to some very sketchy people, including a domestic terrorist named Bill Ayers.

That Obama was able to turn Obama’s critics into the nuts in that narrative says more about how eager the mainstream press — particularly outlets such as Slate — were to help Obama out then it does about how nutty the GOP is or was.


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