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Monday, February 25, 2013

New report: High school graduation rate could hit 90 percent within 7 years

Update: More on this report is here.

This is a bit of encouraging news that needs to receive more air time.

I would like to see the breakdown of the subgroups and the achievement gap. The not-so-great piece of news out of this report is that only about half the students who go to college were properly prepared for it in high school.

High school graduation rate to hit 90 percent by 2020

From the piece:

The gains in graduation rates have been driven largely by minority students in large, Southern states: Between 2006 and 2010, African-American students saw a 6.9 percent increase in graduation rates, and Hispanic students had a 10.4 percent increase.

In the Davis Guggenheim documentary "Waiting for Superman," Americans learned about "dropout factories," high schools where fewer than half of all students graduated on time. Bob Balfanz, a Johns Hopkins University professor, coined that term -- and in the report out Monday, he found that the number of "dropout factories" has declined. In 2011, according to the report, there were 583 fewer such schools than there were in 2002. "The schools have gotten better, and some have closed," Balfanz said.


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